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A Manifesto for Digital Privacy Rights.

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This Document is Theory and not Proven Fact. It is a proposal for a new set of Digital Privacy Rights enabled by Decentralised Networks and more specifically Blockchain based Programs. None of the content herein is a solicitation or offer of investment - The authors of this paper sell nothing, require no compensation for the writing and charge no fee to view its information.

00. The Foundations of Digital Privacy Rights.

This paper argues that any ’free’ society is built on a foundation of truly anonymous communication and transaction. The ability to own the information one produces entirely without fear of scrutiny or restriction can be defined as freedom. In the current year 2023 it is seemingly obvious that authoritarian entities assume the control of the masses, empowered by data produced and collected at will by unknowing participants in the war on privacy.

Contributors should consider two key aspects proposed by this paper’s efforts to describe a digital human right. First contributors must be able to communicate privately - Without fear of prosecution, server restriction, data deletion, spying and relying on any third party. For this we propose the use of a Blockchain based End-to-End Encrypted Mail Service (see section 01.)

and Finally Contributors should be able to Transact anonymously, without the fear of prosecution and consequently liquidity restriction. Authors have proposed a Blockchain based Private Liquidity Pool as a Solution to the ’Siloed’ Private Currencies that exist today. (see section 02.)

01. Proposal for Private Communication

End to End Encrypted Communication has become more commonplace today with some of the largest messaging platforms offering this service as part of their application. However - the centralisation issue of this encrypted messaging data, aswel as the need to signup with identifying information works against the goal of Digital Privacy Rights. We propose an End-to-End Encrypted Email Service that lives on the Solana Network as a permissionless public good - Accessible at all times with no centralised data storage needed.

Our Proposal encompasses the use of both verifiable on-chain and off-chain aspects:

  • Frontend - Responsible for Encrypting and Decrypting Data using verified public libraries, in this case AES-256 with Counter Mode.
  • Smart-Contract - Responsible for storing public information about the encryption, key exchange (Diffie-helmann algorithm) and the email itself.

The program is designed in such a way that at the moment of registration, each user is generating both a public and private key unique to this email service. Only the public key is stored on-chain. You can read more about the program in its repository here.

02. Proposal for Private Liquidity

The Proposal for Private Liquidity offers an alternative approach to private pools for digital assets. One that encompasses the idea of a free and liquid market for anonymous tokens of all sorts. The outlined graphics showcase how in the case of a mixed LP style private asset pool contributors can uniquely benefit from regulatory safety, diversification of asset risk and the unique value proposition of earning exchange fees on any single deposit.

Private LP Graphic Banner 1

In the above graphics contributors should observe the difference in balance design in comparison to a standard single/multi asset privacy pool. Where users traditionally maintain 1:1 ratio of deposit token to withdraw token - in dark pools users are able to access and withdraw any of the underlying governance approved tokens. This innovation in pool design allows for composability not previously seen in privacy pools. Composability that will allow for example - true private swaps and private DeFi.

Private LP Graphic Banner #2

Processing withdrawals in a mixed-asset LP style privacy pool can have its unique requirements. One of which is the introduction of exchange/swap fees when users withdraw alternative tokens than their original deposit. We do this to provide security against things like impermanent loss in an attempt to ease or eliminate ANY net market loss on deposits. As contributors may observe in the above graphic - Any withdrawal which requests a different token than the deposited acts natively as a private swap, earning other depositors a portion of the fee.

Private LP Graphic Banner #3

Unique to our proposed privacy pool architecture is the benefit of natural deposit yield. This is a byproduct of the usage of alternate tokens than the original deposit. As highlighted in the above graphic - As the ratio of the pool liquid assets changes with usage and time the proportion of your original deposit will also reflect in some way the usage of your deposit. We can see here that although the user no longer maintains a 100% stablecoin deposit, they have earnt LP fees in other readibly-convertible assets which they may rebalance at will.

03. Proposal for Private Money

Our vision for ’Private Money’ varies from purely speculative, network tokens with the benefit of privacy. We focus primarily on underlying liquid assets, safety from restriction and of course private transactions. Contributors propose the adoption of ’The Dark Token’ as a first of its kind Private Currency that Owns and Governs its own Private Liquidity Protocol.

$DARK Graphic Banner #1

Private Currencies in the current Cryptocurrency market are subject to regulatory silo - meaning that due to regulatory and or legal concerns private blockchains with native tokens are easily cut off from centralised exchanges. Due to the nature of them not having access to smart contracts the ability to access instant readily convertible tokens in exchange for your private currency is hindered massively. Furthermore we note that their value is derived purely from speculative consensus whereby there is no guaranteed redeemable value at minimum.

$DARK Graphic Banner #1

Contributors note that Private Currencies are only as valuable as their users, the direct utility they offer outside of general market speculation. The above graphic highlights to Contributors that from a purely technical standpoint Dark offers a more composable outlook for private utilities. It achieves this by leveraging the hyper-efficiency of the Solana Blockchain and pre-existing ZK-SNARK VM layers/protocols.

$DARK Graphic Banner #1

This paper proposes anyone as the contributor, As a broader human effort to create immutable digital privacy rights we invite and encourage everyone to build on top of the ideas we have presented. To adopt dark protocol and to join its community, to help build the future you want to live in - Where privacy is an immutable right.

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Thank you for reading.

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